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Recorded Remotely

Our team of audio producers will remotely record your performance to create your audiobook product, ready for online distribution.


Virtual Studio

Our production process is remarkably simple for you to record right from your home or office. While remote, this process delivers a studio quality audiobook product.



Once your audiobook is edited and mastered, we'll set it up for distribution on 35+ online bookstores, including Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


Professional Voice Talent

Some titles call for casting professional voice talent. For those titles, our casting directors go to work to find the perfect voice.

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Got a project?

Audivita has a unique turnkey audiobook solution that includes everything you need to get your product to market fast. Here’s what it includes: 

  • Pre-recording script development
  • Remote recording with a live producer 
  • Audio editing, post-production and final mastering 
  • Creation of your audiobook cover 
  • Distribution of your audiobook on Audible, Amazon, iTunes and more than 35 additional online retail sales channels.

Audiobook FAQ's


How do I get started? 

  • After an introductory call with one of our frontline experts in audio publishing, we will send you a quote for your customized project. 
  • What if I don't have the time to record or simply prefer a professional voice talent? 
  • Our cast of voice-over talent has agreed to participate in this program at dramatically reduced fees. Simply add two cents a word and we'll help you find the perfect voice for your project. 

What is my time commitment? 

  • You can expect 90 minutes of actual recording time for 10,000 words or about a 1-hour final product. Postproduction and mastering will take approximately one week. 

What if I'm technically challenged? 

  • Your producer will help walk you through connecting your microphone into your USB port and getting set up. No software is required to install. We'll just simply send you a link for each session you scheduled. Click on that link and you're taken directly into the virtual studio. 

“I'm ready to do this. What's the process?” 

    1. Introduction call to take inventory of your project.  
    2. Send us our manuscript or audio recording script.  
    3. Customized quote is sent to you for your approval. 
    4. Audivita will send you the equipment, if you do not already have it. 
    5. Schedule your recording session or sessions. 
    6. Go into virtual studio and record your audio. 
    7. Audivita will perform the audio editing and post-production to finalize your audiobook. 
    8. Create your audiobook cover 
    9. Receive a listen link to approve the audio or provide any additional revisions. 
    10. approved, we get your audiobook set up for distribution across retail channels. 

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