Matt’s Phipps has enjoyed an impressive career in the creative, brand building and operational part of the business arena. Today, his entrepreneurial talent and experience are what drive him to continue to create the vision and direction of his company, Blendz. In this segment we explore how his experience in larger organizations, developing brands and operational models informed the development of Blendz.

We also covered the essence of what makes a great brand, and got into the matter of what owning a franchise business system really means.


Our Mission Statement is the roots of what we were founded on, and our pledge to continue to be.  It is more than just a plaque on a wall to us; it is what we embrace as critical in our daily operations and how we value the people, investors and Franchise Partners who join our team.

Our mission is:

To provide a better fast food in a fun environment where our customers can get an energetic lift during their busy days.

To develop a profitable and growing company based on the energy, integrity and knowledge of our people, partners and investors.

To create a work environment that rewards and coaches our people so that we provide the absolute best in customer success and in giving back to our community.