Joe Biondi is the Director of Sales for the Peak Life Habits® and Habitually Great® product suite. He is also a Senior Trainer for these programs and leads several courses. Joe’s background spans many years as a media veteran with experience in national sales and sales management in the radio and cable TV industries.
Joe experienced the Peak Life Habits program firsthand, so be prepared for passion about these great programs. He was a client for two years! Joe has won numerous national and local awards for creative work, and has been a featured talent in National, Regional, and Local TV advertising campaigns both on-camera and as a voice-over actor.
Joe has been elected twice to the highest honors available at the last two national companies he worked with for productivity and teamwork. Joe has managed literally hundreds of sales people and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in his media time. Joe attended Texas Tech University and the University of New Mexico. Joe also plays a hot drum set and is the lead vocalist with his band, and is happily married and the father of two exceptional young daughters.