No doubt the world and the world of business is in a constant state of change. And as the velocity of change continues to accelerate as well, the context that we do business in is becoming ever more a challenge.

Our guest on this segment of the Smallbiz Brain knows something about how to help organizations navigate the internal changes in leadership they may need to make.

Mark Waltzoni is the founder of Effective Leadership Changes, LLC, and has created a set of unique, time-tested programs and systems to help guarantee companies a smooth transition, accelerate positive ROI in your staffing decision’s, protect your investment in leadership talent and assure a successful trajectory for them. He’s the founder of Effective Leadership Changes, LLC. Here are some of the questions I asked

1. You’ve spent the better part of 25 years in executive management and designing leadership development initiatives for companies like American Express, Ernst & Young, Computer Horizons, IGATE Capital…how has you’re your experience informed the work you’re now doing?

2. From your view, what’s missing in the way leaders function within medium sized or larger organizations?

3. Why do the “installation” of new leaders fail?

4. I know you’ve spent a good amount of time around analyzing the REAL COST of leadership failure? Let’s walk through some of the research on this.

5. You have developed some key principles that you use to help companies control the risks and costs relating to leadership failure—let’s walk through them—-

6. How might your leadership principles and systems apply to the needs of smallbusiness owners, micro-enterprise leaders or solopreneurs?

7. How do your programs work?