Barbara Kasoff is currently the President and CEO, and Co-Founder, of Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc., a non-profit, public policy advocacy organization with over half a million members advocating on economic issues for women in business. She is also Co-Founder of GrassRoots Impact, Inc. a public policy strategies firm whose mission is to connect Corporate America and Political Leaders to small business owners, including women-owned businesses, minorities, and women in business.

Other companies that she has owned and managed, are Voice-Tel of Michigan, the fourth largest voice messaging company in the United States, Voice-Tel of Central Michigan, and Voice Response Corporation, a telemarketing and database marketing company. Kasoff also opened and developed Voice-Tel of Australia, a company with 11 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand for the Voice-Tel franchisor. With her experience, Kasoff has been able to incorporate her skills in management, her strengths in communications, and her considerable energies in powering her fledgling companies to secure a solid foothold in the rapidly expanding world of communications. Prior to becoming a business owner, Kasoff previously served as Vice President of Customer Service and Senior Vice President of Research and Software Development for World Computer Corporation in Michigan for ten years where her team designed and installed new financial services software for credit unions. Altogether, she has been a business owner and corporate executive for 20 years, and has successfully sold 3 of her four companies.

For many years, Kasoff has been an active supporter for small businesses, and women and minorities in business in particular. She continues this work both nationally and internationally. She has linked together thousands of small business owners with her voice messaging network, enabling them to communicate directly with one another to improve their businesses, learn of programs, opportunities and appointments in the communities, improve the climate of entrepreneurship, and play a part in public policy making. Her efforts to unite various organizations, has enabled small business owners to share information with each other, learn from one another, and become better informed in economic and political issues. Kasoff speaks nationally and internationally on issues concerning leadership and advocacy for business women.