Daniel Grissom is an author, talented speaker, and the creator of Ph.D. In Results, a Chicago-based company that helps improve individual performance and business results at companies around the world. When Daniel Grissom talks, sales executives pay attention.

As an insider to excellence for close to two decades, Daniel delivers results for world-class companies, who testify to his business expertise and first-rate understanding of human know-how. These companies include Google, IBM, ExxonMobil, Johnson Controls, Cigna, CDW, Unisys, and many more. Daniel’s balance of intellect and wit inspired Google to handpick him to become their dedicated sales improvement advisor.

Daniel’s unique message has been applauded world wide. He has achieved results across cultures, leading sessions for professionals in 36 countries and 3 continents, North America, Asia and Europe.

A native of Detroit, Daniel’s passion for professional development began at Michigan State University where he earned his degree in business. Thereafter, he ignited his career as a Congressional Liaison where he spoke to community groups and helped constituents achieve superior results. Never settling for less than the best, Daniel stepped up and earned his MBA from Atlanta University.

After graduation, he advanced into major account sales. For a decade he served as a National Account Manager in the transportation industry, managing corporate giants including Dow Chemical and DaimlerChrysler. Later, Daniel stepped into the training and development industry and began working with Tony Robbins. In 2004, as a speaker, Daniel was voted MVP of the world’s most prestigious consultive sales training organization – Huthwaite Corporation.

Daniel developed his Step Up! system by combining the best practices of the world’s most successful teams. He knows these truths because he has been in the trenches with sellers and leaders, which is where the battle for behavior change is won and lost.

Daniel is a family man, married to his wife Taisia and father to his son Isaiah. He created Ph.D. in Results in memory of his mom, the late Dr. Pauline Grissom, who graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1975.