As a senior level executive, consultant, lecturer, author and board member, Ron Mattocks has served nonprofits in all sectors, with annual gross revenues ranging from $2 million to $2 billion. The founding principal of Mattocks & Associates, a consulting firm focused on helping financially distressed nonprofits, Ron is passionate about building financial strength for nonprofit organizations. He has over thirty years experience enhancing bottom line performance of medical societies, associations, health and human services organizations, health care providers, private schools, universities, and faith-based organizations.
As the author of a new book, Zone of Insolvency: How Nonprofits Avoid Hidden Liabilities and Build Financial Strength (Wiley, April 2008), Ron presents the guiding tools for America’s 1.4 million nonprofits to build long term fiscal strength that will enable nonprofits to fulfill their missions.

The Zone of Insolvency educates board members who have never even heard of the Zone of Insolvency. The book includes:

  • Sample action plans for any organization’s predicament, whether solvent, in the Zone of Insolvency, or insolvent.
  • 10 real-life case studies of nonprofits that have had to confront the Zone of Insolvency and how they each approached the issues, assessed danger spots, acknowledged shortcomings, and committed to an action step.
  • Tips on fundraising hazards, including donor-restricted gifts, charitable gift annuities issued by nonprofits, commissions involving fundraisers, and donors turning into creditors at bankruptcy.
  • Sample board policies covering the key areas that all boards should have a clearly written policy on, such as conflict of interest, review of grants and proposals, borrowing of funds, and purchase authorizations.
  • 60 charts plotting performances of financially strong and weak organizations