AI Voiced Audiobooks

Audivita wants to break down the barrier to entry in Audiobook production that prevents authors from getting started by creating AI-generated audiobooks. The process of creating AI-narrated audiobooks with Audivita looks remarkably similar to our traditional recording process -- only vastly streamlined, speed-optimized and far less expensive.

AI Voice Samples:

Andrew Wyatt – Pro Leadership / AI Voice: Malcom Gray
Christine Hammond – Abuse Exposed / AI Voice: Debra Thompson
Emilia D’Anzica & Sabina Pons – Passing On As A Tech Mom / AI Voice: Lucy Anderson
Deb Gabor – Irrational Loyalty / AI Voice: Camilla Rivera
Gilbert Simon – Ripped Off! / AI Voice: Frank Collins
Mike Malatesta – Owner Shift / AI Voice: Orlando Kelly
Todd Palmer – From Suck To Success / AI Voice: Louis white