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Our approach

If your podcast series is generating at least 10,000 streams per episode, The Audivita Network is a good fit for you.

Currently, we’re the home of 50 shows across many genres like real estate, leadership, finance, world history, tea growing, cloud computing, human resources, macular degeneration, publishing, music and many more.

We’re also the home of The Rich Dad Radio Show with Robert Kiyosaki and other shows from Rich Dad universe including Cryptoverse, Millennium Money and StockCast. These are high performing, high revenue generating podcasts attract more than 15 million listeners and viewers annually.

Our team at Audivita is confident we can grow your podcast series revenues alongside these high performers.


Negotiated and Managed

We negotiate and manage all advertising orders and billing transactions, so you can focus on producing your podcast.


Unsold Advertising

We fill your unsold advertising inventory with new advertisers, including producing commercials for your YouTube Channel.



We’ll produce original short video promos, blogs and social media posts.


Maximize Monetization

If your podcast is generating 10k streams per episode or more, we bring Brands, Sponsors and Advertisers to Your Podcast to grow your audience and maximize monetization.


Programmatic Advertising

If you have a smaller, more targeted audience, we deliver dynamically inserted programmatic spots into your podcast.


Easy Migration

We migrate your Podcast to our Network quickly and efficiently, with absolutely No Loss Of Audience.


Earn More

On our network, your podcast earns 60% of all net ad revenues from sponsors we find, and 70% from your house accounts.

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