Hollywood Weekly Podcast

Hollywood Weekly Joins Forces with Audivita Studios to launch “The Hollywood Weekly Podcast”


Hollywood Weekly Podcast

Welcome to the new, original online podcast series of the Hollywood Weekly Magazine, now available in more than 1100 retail outlets nationwide and internationally in 16 countries.

Each podcast episode will feature unique stories and up-close interviews with entertainment
personalities and celebrities who are making news in the entertainment industry.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Audivita Studios to create this unique and original series.
Now our readers everywhere can experience our stories with the convenience of podcasts
wherever and whenever they like,” says Hollywood Weekly founder and CEO, Prather Jackson.

David Wolf, Audivita Studios founder and CEO said this: “Prather Jackson and his team at
Hollywood Weekly Magazine are creating a perfect mix of news and entertainment; fascinating
content that will translate beautifully to an engaging listener experience. We’re more than excited about this partnership and the opportunity to repurpose the work they do in print and digital into a podcast series.”

The Hollywood Weekly Podcast is available on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart,
TuneIn, Amazon and Google.


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Sponsorship Opportunity

Interested in Sponsoring Hollywood Weekly Podcast? 

In addition to the powerful news stories featured, this new podcast will offer brands big and
small, international and local, to directly reach the HWM target listening audience with
compelling content and messaging. It’s a unique product and opportunity for brands to position themselves and associate with stories and personalities found in Hollywood Weekly Podcast.

“The nature of podcasting is convenience, hyper-mobility and flexibility, all of which is so
important to our readers in this fast-evolving world.” Says Prather Jackson.

David Wolf

Prather Jackson