Have you ever stopped for a moment or two and wondered about what it takes for your small business to be successful? Even more importantly, what methods are you presently undertaking to achieve such success?

One disadvantage that many small business owners have going against larger-sized competitors is fewer resources with which to work with. Whether it is manpower, money or both, smaller companies oftentimes have to work twice as hard in order to find new business prospects.

With that in mind, one way of leveling the playing field to a degree is link building, something you can try on your own or by working with a link building service.

Smaller companies who utilize link building as a marketing tactic can be rewarded for their time and effort.

So, what are some ways to accrue said links and build your business connections and ultimately your revenue stream?

Content is King

Start by reviewing your content marketing initiatives.

Are you regularly posting relevant and informative content to your website’s blog?

Just as importantly, are you then socially promoting such articles and other postings?

This is a great means whereby you can drop in a relevant inbound link to your website to increase the flow of traffic. Make sure that you reciprocate link building with others who taking the time to promote your brand on their social sites. At the end of the day, successful link building is ultimately tied to building relationships.

If you don’t have a ton of expertise in writing informative blog content or you simply do not feel you have the time to dedicate to such needs, turn to a guest posting service for help. Such a company can provide your small business with quality editorial links to help increase your organic traffic.

Turn to Your Backyard and Software

It is also important that you don’t miss out on link building opportunities in your own backyard.

Look to get your company represented in area directories and sites reviewing local businesses.

From review sites such as Yelp or CitySearch to area publications with websites (newspapers, magazines tied to your niche, city and country directories etc.), there are many opportunities for your brand to get recognized by local shoppers. In doing so, make sure your business information is correct and updated regularly.

In the event you are hard-pressed for time, there are various data management software programs you can turn to for assistance in getting your brand noticed in directories.

One such is Yext, a global location data management provider.

Yext allows businesses of all sizes to manage location data across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and a large ecosystem of maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

Another way to build links for your small business is by having bloggers and websites review your products and/or services.

In return for a review and link back to your site, you can offer them a sample product or service. Many such bloggers will be happy to do this because it not only allows you a link back to your website, but the blogger and/or aforementioned website will draw additional traffic too.

Back to Content at Day’s End

Always remember that successful link building ultimately revolves around your site’s content. Without great content, you are setting you and your brand up for disappointment.

Give others a reason to want to click on the links you provide in your content and other marketing initiatives.

The editorial links you offer via guest posting can be very rewarding for your brand when done correctly. Always focus on content that is tied to your targeted keywords. If you sell life insurance, your keywords in the content should include life insurance, find life insurance, cheap life insurance etc.

Keep in mind that publishers want copy that provides their readers with value and does not come across as nothing more than a blatant sales pitch.

Speaking of blatant, make sure you are not running links that are viewed as simply efforts to try and climb search engine ranking ladders. Any link you use should assist consumers using the Internet to locate precisely what they need

If you’re ready to have your small business link up with success, roll up your sleeves and get to work today.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.