If safety and security at your small business is of concern, what exactly are you doing about it?

For many small business owners, the security of their company is a major concern. From hackers to actual physical thieves on the premises (outsiders or even in some cases employees), keeping what you worked so hard for can seem daunting at times.

One of the best defenses against thefts is a strong security approach, something you should definitely review as it pertains to your small business.

Don’t Take Security for Granted

In order to properly devise and enforce your needed security needs, take a page out of what you do to protect you and your loved ones at home.

Those steps include:

  • Office security – There is a good chance you are using a security system to keep your home and its possessions safe, so it makes sense to have something installed in your workplace. Whether you go with a system like http://homesecurity911.com/adt/Wisconsin/M/Milwaukee/ or another such provider, do your best to find the most comprehensive one at the best price. Your system should properly connect you to an alarm monitoring center, one which includes built-in backups. In the event of an intrusion at your office, authorities can be notified and respond quickly;
  • Smart hires – When you’re looking to hire new employees, there are going to be times when you make the wrong hire. Sure, you wanted the most talented workers, employees who will not only be productive in the workplace and work well with clients, but also are good pieces to the team chemistry puzzle. That said you also want to make sure you are bringing good character people into your office. If there are any red flags (past criminal history for example), don’t automatically exclude that individual, but do research their past and consider whether their past could impact your company’s future. Employee theft is a major concern for many small business owners, so don’t assume everyone on your staff is never going to take advantage of an opportunity to take from you;
  • Reviewed plans – Finally, what are you doing to review your company’s security plans on a regular basis? It is all too commonplace for some small business owners to fall into a false sense of security, thereby leaving them vulnerable to becoming crime victims. Make sure you don’t stand pat, meaning you review all your security measures. This includes periodically changing passwords and entrance codes, having well-lit areas in the early morning and evening hours for employees to come and go safely, and deploying security cameras in the workspace areas (if you have not already).

Given the fact that many small business owners must operate on shoestring budgets as it is, having the right security plan in place will lessen the chances your company will become the next victim.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.