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Mac Prichard is the founder  and publisher of Mac ‘s List, an online community  for  people  looking for rewarding, creative , an d meaningful work. More than 80,000 people a month vis it the s ite , whic h includes a job board, a blog and course s about the nuts and bolts of job  hunting and care er manag ement.

A  leading  car eer  expert,  Mac  he lps  people  who  are  looking  for  a  job   during   all  of   life’ s trans itions : millennials  getting  a  first  job,  midlife  professionals  switching  sectors,  pare nts getting  back  to  work  after  raising  a  family,  or  baby  boomer s  who  want  to  change  careers.

Mac is proud to own two registered B-Corp companies, whic h use the  power of  market s to solve soc ial and environmental problems. He is the  author  of  Land  Your  Dream  Job  Anywhere and host s the week ly podcast, Find Your  Dream Job.


Address: 620 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 702, Portland, OR 97206

Email: Office:  503-517-2772

Cell: 503-913-9382


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