No matter how small your business might be, don’t ever think that it is too miniscule to benefit from video promotions.

With the right video branding of your business, you can show current and potential customers all you have to offer in terms of products and/or services. Even better, you show the competition what it is up against.

So, is your business willing to spend the money on video promotions, or are you still stuck in the mindset that videos aren’t worth your time?

If you have the latter mentality, strongly consider changing that moving forward.

Give Your Brand More Positive Light

In order for your company to truly capture as much business as possible, it is important that you paint your brand in as positive a light as possible.

As it turns out, using video to do this is a great means by which to tell a story.

To put your brand in the best light, remember these tidbits:

  • Your customers can make cameos – When you have some happy customers (hopefully that is the case with your business), ask them to help promote your small business. Using customer testimonials is a great way to let other consumers know that dealing with and buying from you is worth their time. Once you have permission from customers to use them in a commercial or other such video promotion, be sure to then promote it as often as possible. This can be done through your own website, radio and television ads, social media and more;
  • Employees matter too – Where would your business be (unless your run your own show) without your employees? In many cases, the answer to that question would be struggling or even out of business. Whether you opt for a Miami video production company or one closer to home, use your workers (those who agree and are best suited in front of the camera) to promote your brand through a video or two. The videos should tell consumers why not only your small business is the best choice for their buying needs, but how you stand apart from the competition. Always make sure that any employees you use for such videos not only put a positive spin on your brand, but that they also avoid any serious digs at the competition. While a little tongue-in-cheek with the competition is fine, you don’t want to come across in a video or any promotion for that matter as arrogant;
  • Sell the history angle – If you’re a relatively new small business, showcasing your company’s history is obviously a bit of a problem. On the other hand, brands that have been around for many decades should use that history as one of their main pitching points. For example, if you own a small car business that has been around for many decades, showing consumers how the brand has grown and gotten better over the years is a real bonus. Most people love to see timelines not only in their lives, but also businesses and other organizations etc. around them. You can pull pictures and/or video from several decades back to highlight how the small business has taken care of the customer from day one, no matter what challenge or challenges have been place in front of you. Be sure to also tout how your small business plans to be around for many more years to come, giving consumers a feeling of ease, knowing their needs will be met down the road too.

Your small business and video can be one of the best matches made.

If someone tries to tell you that video is too expensive and/or isn’t a good fit for your brand, think otherwise.

While a video will not fully guarantee your small business a boatload of new customers, it will put you in position to grow your brand sooner rather than later.

If you’ve been hesitant for whatever the reason to use video up to now, lean towards changing that train of thought.

When the right video is presented to audiences, your customer possibilities increase a great deal.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.