Text messaging, otherwise known as short message service or SMS, has become one of the most-used forms of communication in America and across the world.

The ability to send and receive quick text messages has not only enhanced the ability to communicate personally, but it has also changed the way that small businesses and organizations communicate with customers and members. These days, people demand fast digital communication, especially on the go.

Text messaging is the perfect solution to this demand, and you can use it to enhance your club’s advertising and marketing concerns.

Quick SMS Marketing Ideas

First, time your SMS messages against current trends.

Although text messaging has become a standard you don’t want to be spammish in your approach. Time is of the essence, but your timing is not.

While it’s true that text messages are a form of immediate communication, they are not always convenient.

Sending text messages in the middle of the night may be considered obtrusive, and sending text messages during the day might interrupt someone’s vacation. Be careful!

Creative Sign-Up Idea

In the article, “6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Club’s SMS Marketing Program ,” the author discusses ideas that include providing members the ability to sign up online, utilizing social media to get the word out, and more.

When finding similar ideas, think about what your company is trying to achieve, who it is trying to target, what resources it has available, and them go with what you have.

Email Marketing Works for Subscribers

Something to keep in mind regarding email subscribers is that efforts only work when contacted consumers have signed up to receive such updates.

When they have not, subjected consumers may feel as if they are being subjected to spam, making them more likely to ignore or delete email from your company entirely.

Content Marketing is the Key to Your Email Efforts

At the end of the day, content marketing still remains the key to coming across as genuine.

Content marketing is the process of delivering valuable information while remaining entertaining and providing marketing and advertising. This can be accomplished through traditional channels, but text messaging can allow it to happen at a faster pace.

Provide subscribers with text updates, but don’t inundate them.

Find a balanced approach for the best results for your small business.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include marketing and advertising.