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Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, and The Business Insider, Amanda Abella has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys.

Amanda Abella’s ever growing community is currently made up of over 30,000 individuals across social media and email subscriber channels.

The world’s fascination with money – and her own need to learn about healthy financial habits – led her to start her career as a freelance writer who focused on financial topics in 2010. Since then her company has expanded to creating content marketing and financial education courses for companies like Credit Karma, Santander and Discover.

In 2014, Amanda launched her Amazon bestselling book, Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work & Money which has been featured in Yahoo! Finance and Seventeen Magazine.

The book has also appeared on top business and finance podcasts like John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire and Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money. She launched the Make Money Your Honey podcast on iTunes in 2016.

In 2015, Amanda Abella’s blog was a finalist for a Plutus Award for Best Personal Finance Blog for Millennials. In 2016, won the

Plutus Award for Best Designed Personal Finance Blog. Amanda has won the South Florida Bloggers Award for Best Finance Blogger in 2016 and 2017.

In addition to helping millennial business owners, as of 2017 Amanda has alsodone consulting work for financial companies targeting the LatinX community such as Dvdendo and MoneyMio. Her own experience as a Cuban-American having been raised in Miami has led to a new passion of helping her community achieve financial goals while speaking to their specific needs as a community.

She is fully fluent in written and verbal English and Spanish.