Audio for Film & TV

Audivita Studios features a team of audio post production professionals with many years of experience and major credits in Film and Television. Services include dialog editing, music editing, sound design, foley and full composite mixing.

Audivita Studios is on New Mexico's Qualified Film Vendor list.


Meet our Production Team:

David Wolf

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

David Wolf is a creative professional and media entrepreneur, with a long history serving as a music composer and producer of audio content for radio, TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks and multimedia. His previous company, Crywolf Productions, Inc. (1985-1999) and its recording studios provided music, sound design and production services for advertising and also studios such as Amblin, Discovery Channel, NBC Universal and Disney and for many well-known brands such as Southwest Airlines, Miller Brewing, Embassy Suites, Procter & Gamble, Texas Instruments, Brock Hotel Corporation and many more. See additional client list below.

David founded Audivita Studios to apply his experience and the talents, skills  and expertise of his creative team to help companies, publishers, entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders grow their brands and businesses through podcasting, audiobooks, video and internet radio.

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Brian A. Mendelsohn

Senior Audio Producer

Brian is a seasoned audio post production expert who has served a long list of projects in feature films and television of more than 30 yearsfor Sony, Fox, Universal, NBC, Disney and others. In feature film, Brian worked as composer and/or music editor or mixer on IOWA, Branches, Hercules and Xena, The Opposite Sex, The Shadow, The Good Old Boys and others.His television credits include The Ren & Stimpy Show, Meet Mr. Mom, Highlander, Weird Science, The Young and the Restless, 21 Jumpstreet, Booker The Bold and the Beautiful, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and many more.

Shaun Hettinger

Senior Audio Producer

Shaun Hettinger produces and oversees all-things podcast at Audivita Studios. He’s a self-declared audio nerd, as well as the award-winning composer of the Chelsea Handler show (Netflix) theme song. outside of his activities at Audivita, Shaun runs the recording studio Neon Moon Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico & the music production company Keytarred And Feathered, where he scores films and composes custom music clients like MTV, YouTube, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Gatorade, Pfizer, Revlon, Chase, & Amazon. Shaun also releases critically acclaimed Electro-Pop music as Memoryy, where he’s charted on iTunes and received press from the likes of HuffPo & NYLON.

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David Rosenblad

Senior Audio Producer

David Rosenblad is a producer, guitarist/instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, sound designer & composer for film-TV and music technology teacher. He owns the company DRM:Sir Reel Sound and spends most of his time when not on the road working out of his Austin studio Thirteenth Moon. Two films he recently sound designed , “The Vast of Night” and “The Ghost Who Walks”, are getting rave reviews on Amazon & Netflix. A new documentary short “I Am You, You Are Me” about the journey of nan Ecuadorian midwife/healer features and all original score composed by David, and is hitting the festival circuit soon. His new album “Aquarius Rising” is available on all music platforms worldwide. One of his greatest joys comes in playing music to raise the vibrations of those around him. David has worked &/or played with artists as diverse as Chrysta Bell, Sara Hickman, David Newman, Dave Stringer, Blue Spirit Wheel, Herbie Mann, Ever-clear, Cheap Trick, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bad Company & so many more…David now brings his extensive experience to Audivita Studios as a Senior Recording Producer and Post Production Audio Specialist.

Mark Shipman

Director of Audiobook Production

Mark ensures that your audiobook comes to life in the most comfortable, convenient, and professional way possible. He brings a broad range of recording and business experience to the production process. With forty years as a recording engineer and producer and more than three decades in marketing and business leadership, Mark understands the power of authentically communicating your story. When not working on your audiobook project, Mark coaches individuals and businesses, helping hundreds of people and companies find their paths to transformation, fulfillment, and success.

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Sid Fendley

Senior Audio Producer

For the past 23 years Sid has been the owner and chief engineer at Mountain Road Recording Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mountain Road Recording Studios has recorded and produced thousands of radio and TV commercials, as well as documentaries, jingles and music albums. Sid has worked on over one hundred audio books with Audivita. Sid also performs as a keyboardist, vocalist, music director and composes for video and theater.

Lara Dale

Foley Artist

Lara trained from early childhood in classical music and ballet. Her immersion in the precise timing of classical music and the rigorous physical movements of ballet and modern dance created the perfect background for mastering the art of Foley, which she learned from Emmy Award winning Foley Artist Ellen Heuer. Lara’s credits span major motion pictures, independent films, television, and radio plays.