If your small business still uses a traditional phone system through the telephone company, it’s time to turn to the cloud.

That’s right; cloud phone systems offer your business a number of advantages over traditional phone systems.

Here are just a few benefits of cloud phones and how they’ve changed the business communications landscape:

Ease of Installation

Before the advent of cloud phone systems, businesses had to deal with a lengthy installation process.

From waiting on the phone company to send out a contractor to running cables and phone lines throughout the office, traditional phone service installation results in a lot of down time.

With cloud phone systems, phone service takes place over your business’s existing Internet connection.

This has completely changed the way business phone systems are installed. Most cloud phone services even offer adapters that let you use your existing business phones over the Internet, which is a huge plus.

Incoming and Outgoing Calls from Anywhere

One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional phone system is the fact calls must be made and received from wherever the office phone is located. However, cloud phone systems are revolutionizing the way the business world takes calls.

As the following article looks at, along with the 4 business innovations made possible by cloud phones comes the idea that your business can make and receive calls from anywhere using the same number.

Whether an employee is at their desk, out to lunch, or at a business meeting in another country, clients can reach them anywhere with the same office number.

Likewise, cloud phone systems also work with mobile devices.

This means employees in the field or at home can receive office calls as if they were seated at their desk. Technology like this is the reason telecommuting is a reality.

Impressive Features

Cloud phones systems are changing the way businesses handle calls by offering a number of unique calling features.

Whether your business needs voicemail, call forwarding, multiple extensions, message management, or custom greetings and automated menus, cloud phone service has it all.

Cost-Effective Calling

One of the biggest effects cloud phone systems have had on the business world is in the cost department. Before cloud calling was introduced, businesses had no option but to pay whatever the local phone company charged for local and long distance calls.

When equipped with a cloud phone system, your business has the option of paying for service on a month-to-month or week-to-week basis.

Additionally, cloud phone service providers don’t use long-term contracts; this allows your business to customize its calling needs based on price.

Scalable Phone Solution

Cloud phone systems are also making it easier for businesses to adjust their calling needs at a moment’s notice. This is especially beneficial for businesses that are still in the process of growing.

With a cloud phone system, your business can add extensions and calling features as needed.

Or, if you’re downsizing your calling needs, a quick call to the cloud service provider is all it takes to scale back.

When it comes to unparalleled calling, your business needs to consider the benefits of a cloud phone system.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including cloud communications and business technology.