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By David Wolf / November 2, 2015

Don’t Take Your Tech Systems for Granted

No matter what type of business you run, and regardless of its size, it is bound to rely heavily on technology. Everything from cash registers to web servers to lawn care equipment utilizes technology, and it can be easy to focus on certain aspects…

By David Wolf / September 17, 2015

Time to Take Your FM Data to the Cloud

If your small business is experiencing an increased amount of facilities management data, then it might be time to look toward the cloud. That’s right, storing your FM data on the cloud is one of the most convenient ways to manage your facility and…

By David Wolf / September 4, 2015

Are You Dialed-In to Cloud Advantages?

If your small business still uses a traditional phone system through the telephone company, it’s time to turn to the cloud. That’s right; cloud phone systems offer your business a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. Here are just a few benefits of…

By David Wolf / August 25, 2015

Speed Up Your Efforts with the Cloud

Businesses both large and small are turning to the convenience of cloud computing for all of their data needs. If your small business is considering making the switch to the cloud, then it might be worth your while to go the super speed route….

By David Wolf / August 9, 2015

Don’t Take Cloud Security Lightly

If your small business uses the cloud, then security is of the utmost importance. With information breaches, viruses, and cyber-crime on the rise, ensuring your cloud is safe and secure is the only way to protect your small business and your customers. When it…

By David Wolf / August 5, 2015

The Cloud is No Small Business Decision

If you’re thinking of moving your communications to the Cloud, you may be wondering what kind of financial commitment you will need to make. Let’s take a look at whether your small business should be using the Cloud, and what financial commitment you can…

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