In running a small business, you may find yourself struggling to raise enough financial capital to compete with some of the bigger brands out there.

That said do not feel as if all hope is lost in being able to get your company’s message out there, even if it means doing more with less.

With that being the case, brand commercials can be one of your greatest assets.

Whether your commercials are strictly tied to your products and/or services, feature some of your staff members, or even highlight your work in your local community, never pass on a chance to spread your company’s message.

So, are you ready to have brand commercials put you over the top?

Cover Your Brand from A to Z

In shooting brand commercials, there are several important tidbits to remember, making sure you get the most out of each and every production.

For starters, what kind of message do you want to convey to consumers?

Avoid hard sales pitches, those where it is rather obvious you only want to make a sale and nothing else. Giving the commercial a more human touch almost always increases the odds of keeping the consumer’s attention.

Secondly, be sure to work with the best when shooting your commercials.

Sorting through various commercial video production companies means finding the one standing out in the crowd.

That company of choice will be one willing to go the extra mile for your brand.

They will offer the following:

  • Years of experience shooting first-rate brand commercials;
  • Customer service that is second to none;
  • Willingness to work with you and shoot the commercial you truly want;
  • Ability and desire to address any questions and/or concerns you have about the direction the commercial is taking
  • Follow-up service to make sure your commercial is attracting viewership and making inroads with consumers.

Once you have your commercial video production company in place, here are some ideas for the messages and how you want to convey them to consumers:

  • Usefulness – First and foremost, how will your product and/or service be of use to consumers? Given that consumers oftentimes have myriad of choices, you have to be the one standing apart from the crowd. Is your product or service a game-changer? Is it the most affordable one in a crowded market? Will it be one to improve the lives of consumers? Always speak to why your brand will help (not hurt) the lives of those you seek to convert into paying customers;
  • Effectiveness – How effective will you be in delivering a commercial in 30 or even 60 seconds? Commercials are not meant to be a mini-series about your brand, so try and say as much as possible in a short stretch of time. In doing so, you will accomplish your goal, yet not lose most consumers halfway through the commercial. Many consumers have short attention spans, so you have to get your message across and not go on and on. That said a really good message can stretch a minute or two, just be careful not to overload consumers;
  • Socializing – Finally, what if you made the best commercial ever, yet just about no one heard about it? This is why social media plays such an important role in spreading your brand’s message. Share each and every commercial you shoot on your various social channels. Doing so allows you to get each production in front of countless sets of eyes and ears. Even if a consumer ends up deciding not to do business with you, he or she may have a family member, friend, co-worker etc. that is a potentially great fit for your brand. That can then translate to more business and ultimately increased revenue. If social media has been on your back-burner up to now, change that strategy moving ahead.

Brand commercials have so much to give your small business that you would ultimately be foolish not to use them.

That said use them wisely, looking for the best venues to place them.

As you do that, you should see and uptick in business, something no small business owner will shy away from.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.