Making Business Work Better with Mike Mirau

By David Wolf / August 5, 2009

Making Business Work Better : Tonia Tomlin

In this segment, we talk with Tonia Tomlin, founder and CEO of Sorted Out. Tonia offers some excellent ideas on how to get organized for both business owners and individuals.

By David Wolf / April 15, 2008

Making Business Work Better: Alex Vantarakis

Mr. Alex Vantarakis has over 10 years of management, ownership and acquisition experience. He has extensive experience in the areas of acquisitions, finance, franchise development and strategic planning; Mr. Vantarakis is active in the business brokerage industry as a member of the Business Broker Network, Texas Association of Business Brokers and The International Business Brokerage Association.

By David Wolf / January 28, 2008

Making Business Work Better: Russ Burch

Russ is a local business banker. He’s been serving the small business sector the last 3 years. He has held numerous sales and marketing positions with different organizations and has had his own direct mail business.