The book is ranked #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List –. #3 on USA Today’s also on the Wall Street Journal’s Best Business Books list.

Clate Mask joins us on the line now from Infusionsoft Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona-Here are the questions guiding the discussion…

So, you and co-author Scott Martineau team up to write this book together. As you began the process of assembling the ideas What was the core idea. What was your sense of the gap you might fill with this book?

Why are small business owners subject to going crazy?

One the things that struck me about the book is that your really talking about the whole person here-not just the business person. Is part of the “movement” here a trend towards achieving a constructive work-life balance?

I recently connected with Craig Jacobson, an associate of yours and of Infusionsoft. I interviewed a classic brick and mortar business owner-he does furniture rehab and re-upholstery work in San Diego. I was struck how classic, old school business guy would embrace the idea of automating his sales process! A re we seeing more sales automation move offline-is this a trend?

When I saw you out at InfusionCon-your annual event, I asked you about the eco-system of partners you have created with Infusionsoft-this diverse interlocked network of referral and functional partners—-was this an intended or unintended consequence as you grew Infusionsoft?

Back to the book, tell us about the structure of it, what would you like readers to take away most?

Where does sales and marketing automation go next, give us a glimpse around the proverbial development corner….