urbanskiDaryl Urbanski joins me on this segment to talk about the world of marketing through his eyes.

So many themes and insights here as Daryl shares his experience. His company provides a full spectrum of “direct marketing”. It’s all about the method of TRACKING which grew from the tradition of direct mail, snail style.

He says, [paraphrased here]  “while online is  most efficient place to collect information , it tends to be the least effective place, due to the noise and distractions there. So, collect online, then take it to other adventures.” Depending on how they engage, that determine how best to deliver to them.

Daryl loves POSTCARD follow ups! He says it will change the nature of the relationship. This creates a sticky customer for life. So elegant, so simple. And it turns out that postcards are very easy to automate. In the end, the best marketing you can do is to your existing clients, with an incentive.

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