The appeal of visual aesthetics plays a major role in marketing.

No one wants to end up on website full of text and white space. People want visuals and photos; it’s the visual story that often pulls people in, and your small business can use this imagery to attract more clients and increase business.

Remember the adage; a picture speaks a thousand words? It’s true – one image can tell an entire story.

Think about the beauty of a serene spot and how it evokes calm, or the smile of a child and how innocence is felt.

Why not incorporate photos into your marketing endeavors, from brochures to your website and anything else you create for the public to see?

How to do this…

Digital media is becoming easier and easier to work with, and that includes incorporating photos.

When marketing for your small business, it’s nice to use your own photos – pictures that capture what your business is about, people doing the day to day, the big and the little things.

In a basic brochure, shots of your workspace and interactions with clients are good. On a website or blog, include some more photos, like interactions during an event or receiving an award.

With certain photo services, this is easier and easier to do.

Services like Mylio make incorporating photos into your promotions simple to do. As the following article looks at, with Mylio photo software now available in 42 countries worldwide, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can still use this to create fantastic promotional, marketing tools.

Why photos and images?

Photos and images work.

People enjoy photos. Photos can grab the customer into your world in a split second. There’s no decision to read or not to read, the image is there waiting to be seen.

These days, people don’t spend tons of time reading online, they often scan and move on.

A photo can grab the attention and hold it, reeling a customer to in to seek more.

Another asset about using photos is that customers can relate. If they see a situation that is relevant, they’ll keep looking.

Real life is important, and it can be depicted in a photo, from a kid blowing out birthday candles to a dog going for a walk.

Things like this can be incorporated into your marketing tools and the customers will have a connection. Using software just makes it that much easier; and the software is out there.

Try to use photos and images as much as possible. You’ll want captions, too, and some text, but too much text can tend to be off putting.

Remember, people like to relate and they want to see what you’re about.

The easier you can grab the attention, the more likely you are to hold it.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics related to social media, small business and working from home.