As a small business owner, how much effort do you put into making sure your employees feel respected and appreciated working for you?

While a large number of those running small businesses would probably answer that question by saying they do a bunch of things for their workers, other employers may not be so quick to do so. As a result, those in the latter group can find themselves with a revolving door when it comes to employees.

With that in mind, what can you do a small business owner the remainder of this year and moving forward to make sure your employees know they picked the right company to work for?

Work is More Than Just Salary

First and foremost, employees want and need to make livable salaries.

As many workers nationwide can attest to these days, getting by on what they currently make is a challenge if not painful in some cases. While your small business may find itself strapped for cash at times, making sure your workers don’t have to work two or three side jobs will not only make things better for them, it will give you in all likelihood more devoted employees.

Secondly, what are you doing for your employees when it comes to healthcare benefits?

Given the unveiling of Obamacare a few years ago, many small business owners were tasked with coming up with a reasonable health insurance plan that not only offered decent coverage for their workers, but also did not cost so much that it potentially could put the business owner out of business.

In the event your small business is still in search of a plan that benefits both you and your employees, have you looked at a health care subsidy calculator? If not, it could prove beneficial to you and your workers, allowing you to nail down the best plan for everyone.

Another area you should not overlook when running a small business is other amenities outside the norm of health insurance.

Among some of the items to consider:

  • Gym memberships – These can be great for the simple fact that they give employees an incentive to get and stay healthy. Common sense should tell you that healthier employees miss less work time and generally have a better attitude about themselves overall;
  • Employee get-togethers – Whether it is the occasional employee lunch, happy hour or even a night out at a sporting event, gathering everyone up for a few hours together outside the office is a great way to build office camaraderie. While you should never force workers to do things together outside the office, the occasional events where those who want to be together are can make quite a difference in your office.

Running a small business in 2015 and beyond requires a wealth of time, effort, knowledge and knowing how to treat others.

When it all comes together, your small business can prove healthier than the competition.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers a variety of small business topics on the web.