Many folks interested in podcasting their own show seem to trip over the technical aspects of the project. The truth is, there’s nothing to trip over. As hardware and software has gotten lighter and lighter over the years, the technology is not a big deal. While I think it’s certainly interesting and relevant to talk about microphones, headsets, preamps, recording and editing software, all of this technical stuff can be a major distraction from the whole point of podcasting in the first place – to connect with your audience.

I’ve heard less expensive mics sound really good, and I’ve heard high end mics sound pretty crappy. There’s alot more to succeeding with your podcast than the mic and the software. Podcasting is a business of generating ideas and leveraging resources. Get equipment that’s simple and easy to operate for you, and focus on the content of the show and the distribution strategy. Build an audience that cares. Care about your audience. Don’t try for perfection…there’s no such animal. Just engage, be present and remember that podcasting is a one-to-one listing experience, not a collective one. It’s intimate. Play that up. Really connect.

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