Marc A. Grant got his entrepreneurial spirit from his mother and father. After completing George W. Wingate High School in Brooklyn, NY where he grew up, Marc entered Brooklyn College. While in college, Marc pursued a career in retail sales and was soon bitten by the ‘entrepreneurial bug’ and in 1994 launched his very own business MagMa Distribution, Corp., named after both he and his mother. That company grew from a one person operation of washing cars, to owning a hand car wash, to distributing detailing supplies to auto-bodyshops, car washes and new and used car dealers throughout the New York tri-state area. By 2001, this company generated almost $300,000 in sales per year.

In June 2002, Marc and his company was forced to file for bankruptcy. After going back into the work force in 2002, it wasn’t long before Marc started a new company called Rapid Success in 2003. The name was later changed to Success Connection Team Corporation in 2005. Marc has also had a successful career in Network Marketing, rising to leadershipranks in multiple companies. In 2004 Marc started using books as part of his marketing strategy, and quickly gained the title of ‘The Tax Expert’ as a result of using Ron Mueller’s book It’s How Much You Keep That Counts Not How Much You Make (now called Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy). Marc hosted his own radio show on (WPAT 930 AM ) and has also appeared as a guest on many radio programs including Night Talk with Dr. Ron Daniels (WBAI 99.5 FM), Connections Radio with Gem Morrison (WVIP 93.5 FM), The Trevor Ford Morning Show with host Trevor Ford (WVIP93.5 FM), The Reality Show with Joyce Sibley (WPAT 930 AM), The Communicators with Leroy Baylor (WHCR 90.3 FM) and What’s In Your Hand with Ricky Young (former boxing champion) just to name a few. Marc has also served as the Marketing Director for the “By-Ways and Hedges Real Life Times Immigration Newspaper” along side Rev. Terry Lee in Brooklyn, NY.For more than 16 years Marc has been in sales/marketing and has a track record of motivating others to realize their true potential. Mr. Grant has received many community awards including the 110th Congress United States of America Congressional Record by Congressman Ed Towns. Marc is not only the CEO of the Success Connection Team, Corporation but a highly sought after Public Speaker, Self-Publishing, Business Development, and

Marketing Consultant.Marc is the proud father of 7 year old Marc Grant, Jr. and currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Rhonda. Marc enjoys reading, listening to inspirational audio programs, mentoring others, bike riding, traveling, watching movies, going to church, spending time with family, raising money and awareness for Success Foundation, one of his favorite charities.