What got you running a home business in the first place?

For some people, the idea of being their own boss and reporting to themselves only proved very appealing.

For others, it was the idea of working out of their homes that was the lure.

No matter what reason or reasons prompted you to start your own home business, you are hopefully seeing it take off in ways you never could have imagined.

As part of that growth, you may find yourself bulging a little bit at the seams. If so, what can you do to alleviate some of the spacing issues that you could be presently facing?

While it may seem like there is no quick fix, there are some options that could prove quite fruitful for you.

So, is your home business outgrowing itself?

When the Time Comes to Expand

In the event you feel like your home business is in fact bulging at the seams, here are some potential means to fix the issues:

  • Is it time for an office space? – Working from home allows you to save on office space rental money or even buying property. The down side of course is that your home may ultimately prove too small to host all your business needs. While you can entertain the idea of adding on at your home, you also can think about possibly moving to a real office area. If you decide for that option, try and find a space not too far from your home. This will allow you to minimize your commute time, especially important if you live in a cold weather environment where bad weather is common. In renting office space, be sure to shop around, avoiding automatically taking the first offer that comes your way;
  • Storing work supplies – If one of the primary reasons for wanting to move out of your home office is that you are running out of room to store office paperwork and supplies (those items you do not use daily), have you considered the idea of renting one of the neighboring storage units near you? In doing so, you save money over time (storage unit would certainly prove cheaper per month than renting out an office space in town etc.). In looking at storage units, the key is to find one not only nearby, but one that is in a secure part of town, has ample security around it (video cameras, possible onsite guard in the evening hours etc.). Also make sure you track one down where it offers safe conditions for storing your work supplies. This includes climate control, allowing you not to worry over it being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. If you are storing primarily workplace documents, make sure you have them backed up either via photocopies or on a computer;
  • Bring on help – While you might have been a one-person show for a number of years, the time might have finally come where you need to bring on some full or part-time help. If so, be sure to see how this will impact your budget. Keep in mind that if you hire someone full-time, healthcare benefits come into play. You are probably best served by bringing in one or more people on a part-time basis. This will allow you to see not only how they work out, but if your workload will be better dispersed among individuals. The other important decision here is whether that individual or those individuals will work out of your home or their own home (assuming you do not have an office space). You may find it best to let them work out of their homes, perhaps with the occasional meeting or two at your residence or even a coffee shop etc.

Signs that your home business is outgrowing your current capacity are typically proof positive that things are going in the right direction.

Keep things moving in the upward direction by assessing where you need to address such growth.

If it is a storage matter, that is rather easy to handle.

If it is an employee matter, you can typically start by hiring part-time help, changing that to full-time if need be down the road.

With growth in your corner, your home business has much to celebrate.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.