Find the perfect, caramel-apple recipe and wait for the treats to cool … or just buy them at your local store or online!

How to make gourmet caramel apples, Tastee Apple, Inc.

It’s fall and time to bite into delicious, gourmet caramel apples. Sure. You could make a caramel-apple recipe at home. But then, you are limited to the apples and ingredients available in your local area. And if you want to make gourmet apples, you’ll need to purchase different kinds of toppings and figure out how to get the various layers to stay on the apple.

Then, once all of your work is done, you’ll need to wait for the apple to cool before you can eat it!

Instead, why not just buy scrumptious caramel apples and chocolate apples at your local store or online for immediate delivery and save yourself the time, expense and hassle?

The best caramel apples are made in special kettles with just the right temperature. It takes skill to get the caramel just right and hand-dip it on the freshest apples available with nuts, chocolate, pretzels, cookie pieces, and more. The good news is that you can enjoy gourmet caramel apples at a fraction of the cost of making them at home.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing caramel apples and chocolate-dipped apples. To avoid disappointment when you take that first bite, here are…

3 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying Gourmet Caramel Apples

1. How fresh are the apples?

If you buy caramel apples at your local store, look for a code date on the package. Ensure that the packaging has not been broken or shaken and that the apples look fresh and delicious.

Also, look to see where the apples are stored. Are they in a cool area away from heat and moisture that can destroy the fruit? (To guarantee freshness in Tastee apples, we have the same high standard as the grocery stores but with no color requirement.)

2. What’s in the apples?

If you are buying gourmet, caramel apples, they should be extra special. Look for big apples that have lots of caramel, chocolate and fresh toppings. Plus, the apples should be packaged ready to give as fun gifts that people are thrilled to receive.

3. Where to the apples come from?

Many companies just take any apple they find, drip some caramel on it and sell it. But how do you know what’s under all that caramel and if the apple is safe to eat?

To ensure the highest quality, find out where the caramel apples are made, how they are created, packaged and shipped, and what the policies are to ensure safety. (Tastee Apples are the only company in the industry certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute with a unique, seven-step rating process to guarantee the quality and freshness of the fruit.)

Delicious, Gourmet Caramel Apples without the Hassle of Using Your Own Apple Recipe

Sure. You could spend the time and money to create your own caramel apples at home. But they are not going to be gourmet caramel apples made with perfected recipes and the finest apples and toppings available. Plus, it takes a long time to make truly delicious caramel apples you can share with friends and family. And who wants to wait around for the apples to cool before biting into all that goodness?

Instead, look for gourmet caramel apples at your local store that are certified safe, fresh and delicious and start enjoying this fun, fall treat now!

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