Creating a satisfying and engaging company culture is a leader’s responsibility. Delivering the best experience for their staff and customers is their number one mission. Satisfied customers will follow companies with engaged and happy employees.

Having satisfied and motivated employees is of utmost importance, because they are the ones who are most committed to stellar work performance. Satisfied employees feel they are part of a greater organization, and company’s business progress and flourishing is what they strive towards. A satisfied employee is the one who will show loyalty to their organization, even in the case of a crisis.

According to a 2009 research “Analysis on Employee Satisfaction in terms of Organizational Culture and Spiritual Leadership” published by the International Journal of Business and Management, employees who are fulfilled and satisfied with their jobs develop a passion for their work and organization. They concentrate more on their work, create positive work atmosphere and rarely complain. Happy employees are also more productive; this is how employee happiness contributes to your overall business strategy.


Ensuring high revenues

Having satisfied employees who are ready to cooperate and who work as a single unit to overcome obstacles and challenges are the foundation of a strong and stable business. They stand by each other, represent their organization, spread positive word of mouth, and are not motivated just by money and higher salaries because they believe in their company’s objectives and goals. With hardworking, satisfied and dedicated employees like these, higher revenues are ensured.

Pressured situations are handled with more ease

Frustrated employees are less capable of adjusting and handling pressure in problematic situations. They are more inflexible, stiff, and tend to find problems in small situations. Unlike them, employees who find their jobs satisfying cope up with the changing times and achieve compromises more easily. They are willing to prosper and learn about new software and technologies, and participate in training programs eagerly, knowing that it will help them in their careers and increase their productivity. New challenges are accepted with a smile by satisfied employees, and the whole organization copes with bad circumstances much faster and better. If there happens to be a problem, the business leader should react on time and provide professional. There are many professional centers like Sydney Counselling that can help employees in overcoming work-related problems, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ensuring employee retention

There’s a strong connection between job satisfaction and employee retention. Satisfied employees hardly think of leaving their jobs. In order to ensure success and growth, companies seek to retain their most talented and deserving employees. Otherwise, they would be in a big trouble if employees start leaving the organization immediately after being trained. A satisfied employee is the one who is appreciated by his superiors, and who gets his paycheck on time. One of the major problems that organizations face today is employee attrition. By treating your employees the right way, staff attrition is something that you would not have to worry about.

How to improve employee satisfaction

Investing in your employees always pays off. That’s why companies that have problems with employee satisfaction should consider implementing some of these techniques:

  • Increase their pay – Employees need to work for a living and one of the major causes of their dissatisfaction is an unfair pay. Employee salaries need to be evaluated at least once a year and this evaluation should include their work performance as well as some macroeconomic processes that affect their life quality (like recession for example).

  • Improve their benefits – Offering various work benefits is a very effective way to increase employee loyalty. Things like: work-from-home Fridays, better medical insurance, team building, childcare, maternity and paternity leaves, boost employees’ satisfaction and inspire them to go far beyond manager’s expectations when it comes to work.

  • Offer career advancement opportunities Give promotions to most talented and hard working employees. This way company owners get highly professional company management staff with relevant work experience and increase competitive spirit inside the company ranks. If necessary, companies can also send their employees on free trainings and seminars, so they can easily adapt to their new workplace.

  • Share company’s profits – Hand out bonuses and company stocks to employees. Employees need to know that whenever they give an outstanding performance they can expect a reward for their effort.

Happy work environments are productive work environments. Satisfied employees do not really have any extraordinary desires, but rather simple ones such as – the chance to grow, fair compensation, and good workplace relationships. Employees are the heart of every business, and business leaders know full well their businesses will stay strong and flourish by keeping them satisfied and content.