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Ira Bass, CEO of Connect To Success is Your LinkedIn Guy. After a long and distinguished career as an advertising media director, Ira founded IB Media LLC in 2007. In an effort to stimulate growth, Ira began to use LinkedIn to build his network of contacts and pursue new business opportunities.

After landing several multi-million dollar accounts as a direct result of his LinkedIn interactivity, Ira was inspired to launch Connect to Success to help other professionals achieve their own business goals. Since starting the company, Ira has shared his LinkedIn expertise globally with both corporations and individuals. He is passionate about conducting workshops for conferences, groups, associations and companies in a variety of industries.

As a Certified Communication Coach Ira offers behavioral assessments to his individual clients to help them achieve more effective communication strategies and interactions with their LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn is a marketing, branding, new business development and social selling tool. Used properly LinkedIn can propel any individual or company forward by developing new business opportunities, collaborations and exciting new job possibilities. Ira and his staff are available to help you successfully navigate this important business-oriented social media platform.