The New Year is a great time to launch a new campaign that allows your small business to reach more of your customers.

Not only is the beginning of the year a fresh start for you, it’s a fresh start for them. Fresh starts put people in the mood to try new things, so your customers may be more in the mood for a great sale or a new product than they usually are.

If you’re looking for a marketing technique that can really reach your customers on a personal level, SMS marketing is the tool for you.

Take a look at what SMS marketing can do for you and why it should be on your agenda for the coming year.

SMS Marketing is Simple and Affordable

If you need to advertise but can’t afford to blow your budget on it right now, have no fear – SMS marketing is uniquely affordable.

That’s because it’s such a simple thing. You won’t need to pay a graphic designer or a computer expert. There’s no new software, tricky technology, or internet expertise that you need to know about or hire experts for.

All that you need to do is come up with a simple and powerful text message that encourages a response from your customer.

You want them to respond by heading to your website, dropping by your store, or responding to your poll or survey invitation.

But how can you be sure that they’ll do that?

SMS Marketing Works

SMS marketing is a smart investment for one simple reason – because it works.

As the following article looks at, there are at least “7 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Works,” and probably more.

Cell phone texts have almost a 100% open rate – something unheard of for email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

So you’ll know that your message is definitely reaching its intended recipient and not ending up in a spam folder or the garbage can. In fact, your customers want text messages.

The biggest reason why SMS marketing works has to do with the fact that it really benefits your customers as much as you.

It’s a convenient way for them to communicate as well, and they have to opt in, which means that if you can send text messages to them, they’ve already affirmed that you are just the type of business they want to hear from.

SMS marketing may also give you an edge on the competition.

Despite the ubiquitous presence of cell phones and smart phones in society, SMS marketing isn’t used as often as you might think – companies often cling to older methods of marketing, even if they aren’t as effective.

This is your chance to get ahead of the curve.

How to Make SMS Marketing Benefit You

So, you’ve decided that you want to make 2016 the year of the text message for your company.

But how do you make sure that your campaign is successful? It’s pretty simple, really.

Chances are that you receive text messages yourself – what works for you will also work for your SMS subscribers.

Don’t overwhelm you customers with a flurry of messages – make them manageable and memorable by spacing them out.

Check the times that your messages are scheduled for – you don’t want them hitting too early in the morning or too late at night, or in the middle of rush hour traffic. Keep your texts brief and easy to understand.

Most importantly, ensure that each text provides your customer with value.

If you can do that, your SMS marketing campaign will be a success

About the Author: Cheryl Baer is an author who writes on topics that include small business development and marketing.