Donald Trump says, “His story is not only compelling, it’s fun, inspiring and full of sound business advice.”

Harvey Mackay says, “If anyone is king of the jungle, it’s Steven Schussler. Entertaining and inspiring, a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs!” -#1 New York Times best-seller….

Without a college degree, Schussler became the CEO of a company twice named by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 100 fasted growing companies in America.

Here are some of the questions guiding our discussions:

1. You had some major challenges in the beginnings. Tell us about the process that lead to the success of RainForest Cafes…

2. You have said the importance of researching a new product or service concept is paramount to success. How does an entrepreneur approach the matter of getting market validation for a new concept?

3. So much of doing business is about relationships. Let’s talk about the power of a first impression. I think you have a story to share around this theme.

4. We’re sitting together in late 2010. What is your sense about the current business-startup environment. How can entrepreneurs overcome the tight credit markets and low consumer spending headwinds.