Mr. Connors has authored several top-selling books on market strategies and volatility trading, including How Markets Really Work, and Street Smarts (with Linda Raschke). Street Smarts Short Term Trading Strategies That Work, and his latest, High Probability ETF Trading.

Connors Research is of course a top growth company as rated on the Entrex Private Company Index. Here are the questions that gioding this segment:

1. I wanted to talk about the heart of Connors Research-your proprietary database of 8.4 million equity trades. For those listening that might not be familiar with the world of stock trading-give us a sense of why this information is such a valuable asset and how it informs your own “behavioral models“and ultimately the services you provide to traders.

2. You’ve written a handful of books designed to help traders understand the dynamics of financial markets and stock movement. What are some of the most commons problems or issues that non-professional traders struggle with?

3. I wanted to get your insights on the general distinction between investing or trading using fundamentals, and the technical analysis, which seems to be where your focus is. How do you think about each of these approaches, and why would a trader or investor choose one over the other?

4. You’ve suggested that many of your clients are now moving into ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). And you’ve release a new book called High Probability ETF Trading—now in it’s second printing! For those that may not know—-what are ETF’s and why are they attracting so many traders and investors right now?

5. I wanted to get a closer look at Connors Research—-give us a tour of your internal team, and the products, and the information services you offer—- insight how does the company generate revenue?

6. Connors is a top growth company on the Entrex Private Company Index—-why do you think the your company has been growing so successfully?

7. You recently moved your headquarters from Los Angeles to New York—-why the move and how has it changed the face of your business?

8. What’s on the horizon for Connors Research—-will you be adding products, services forward-going, stay with your current core business model—-what can we expect downstream?