Val Romero has run a women’s networking group in Albuquerque, NM for over 12 years. She successfully connects dozens and dozens of women every single month with one another. Learn her story on this episode of “That’s When It Hit Me!”

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TOP 30 Ways WMAD Can Make a Difference for YOU!

  1. Mark your calendar for the second Friday of each month for the whole year so you can schedule around the luncheons.
  2. Meet new prospective clients and greet old friends while enjoying lunch in a country club.
  3. Learn something new and be inspired by the fabulous speakers!
  4. Get your photo taken and posted on Facebook. Then go tag yourself, comment, and share to get more social media exposure.
  5. Post on social media that you plan to, or did, attend WMAD and how much fun it was.
  6. Interact with the WMAD Facebook page (post, comment, share, like).
  7. Promote your business on the WMAD Facebook page (once a month).
  8. Join the WMAD LinkedIn group and start or join Discussions.
  9. Promote your business on the LinkedIn group page (once a month in Promotions, not Discussions).
  10. Contact other WMAD “members” through LinkedIn.
  11. Invite new contacts to “like” your own Facebook business page.
  12. Invite your friends and business partners to attend the luncheon with you.
  13. Invite your clients or prospects to attend with you (they pay for themselves).
  14. Invite your clients or prospects to attend as your guest (your treat).
  15. Become a sponsor and receive 3 minutes at the microphone, lunch, designated display space, and a list of attendees.
  16. Bring your business brochures and products to display.
  17. Promote your favorite charity via handouts, table display, mention at table networking, and/or sponsorship.
  18. Ask attendees if they would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  19. Invite attendees to other events you know about.
  20. Introduce people you know to other people you know.
  21. Introduce yourself to a total stranger, then introduce them to someone you know.
  22. Tell people about WMAD.
  23. Mention in your newsletter that you attend and recommend WMAD.
  24. Arrange for coffee dates before or after the event, with other attendees (friends, clients, prospects).
  25. Bring a door prize, stand and be recognized (names and businesses are announced).
  26. Follow up by calling or emailing the people you meet at WMAD.  They might become clients, joint venture partners or friends.
  27. Purchase services and products from people you meet at WMAD.
  28. Refer others to businesses and service providers you learn about at WMAD.
  29. Become a resource for others.  Make a list of businesses and service providers you know, like, and trust, and keep it handy.  Publish it on your website or in your newsletter.
  30. Let Val know if you are working with someone you met at WMAD, to let her know she is making a difference!