More small businesses are switching to VoIP for their telephone services to help them stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

As new technology continues to evolve and the way of doing business is constantly changing, old phone systems no longer work.

Small Businesses Compete with the Big Names

Small companies find that VoIP allows them to be more competitive because it makes them seem more professional.

For instance, a guy who works on cars out of his home garage can have the same high-quality phone service that a full garage has with the ability to forward calls, set up conference calls and do a host of other tasks.

Affordability is another reason that companies are choosing VoIP over landlines.

The cost of calls is much less, especially when working with clients or vendors from out of the state or even internationally. Small organizations can put that cost savings to use somewhere else in the business.

A small chiropractic clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Buys Chiropractic PLLC, switched to VoIP to save money as landline costs kept going up.

For many, this is the deciding factor to get the companies to change. However, they soon recognize many other benefits that make them glad they switched.


As the following article looks at, one of the big benefits for many businesses that use VoIP phone systems is the ability to go anywhere and receive calls.

Instead of having to forward your office calls to another number, you can just take an IP phone with you and plug it in at home or elsewhere.

You can also have phone messages routed to your email so that you know who is calling even if you are away from a phone.

Take the Marin County government in California that uses VoIP.

Staff can work from home where they check appointments, answer messages and even set tasks. They operate more efficiently while allowing more flexibility to employees.

Small businesses have more options about whom they employ and where they work.

With a VoIP system, the person can be half a world away and still tap into the company’s phone system. It provides the needed flexibility for the company while offering a seamless image to the customer.

Increased Customization

VoIP software comes with a variety of programs and features that small businesses can utilize.

However, the true benefit lies in the fact that these organizations can customize the applications to fit specific needs. They end up with a phone system that works specifically for their company and their customers.

A recognizable instance of customization with VoIP is with the online movie ticket company, Fandango.

The company has experimented with many themes for calls. It can change local messages and other information with new background music or prompts that match the brand developed online.

Many benefits can be seen from using VoIP systems.

Whether you are concerned with improving customer service, internal communications or increasing cost savings, this phone service offers tremendous advantages.

It is one of the advances in technology that has had the greatest impact on the way small businesses today operate.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including technology and running a small business.