Have you got your small business communications in order?

Communication is one of the cornerstones of any small business, whether communication with customers or between colleagues. However, if communications get out of control they can become messy and confusing, leading to mixed messages and lost information.

As a small business owner, taking steps to optimize your business communications can help keep things streamlined and make life much easier for you and your team.

So what are some of the ways in which you can streamline business communications?

Match the Medium to the Message

Choosing the right medium to deliver your message is vital.

For example, a Skype video conference is perfect for a serious meeting and plenty of idea sharing.

On the other hand, a short email is ideal for a quick question or announcement, while instant messaging is a great way for colleagues to keep in touch to discuss a current issue.

The same is true of communicating with your customers.

SMS is a good medium for sending out a special offer, while email is useful to build trust and authority, and social media is perfect for responding quickly to questions.

By matching the medium to the message and encouraging your team to do the same, you can streamline your business communications and save confusion. Everyone will know where to turn when they have something to say.

Make Good Use of Available Tools

The options available for business communications are growing all the time. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems offer a lot of options to your small business.

As the article “5 Ways to Optimize Your Business Communications” says, IP phone systems have a great deal of built-in flexibility that makes communication more versatile.

IP phone systems offer a wide-range of tools that you can use to optimize your business communications.

These include tools such as find me and follow me, voicemail to email services, listen in services and much more.

Choose the tools that are most appropriate for your business and will help your team to communicate effectively and easily.

Embrace the Cloud

The Cloud is a fantastic communication tool for your small business.

Using the Cloud makes it easier for your team to stay in touch no matter where they are, cutting down on time spent trying to pass messages or get important information from one place to another.

As well as VoIP telephone options, the Cloud makes it easier to share and collaborate on documents, databases and even applications such as customer relationship management software.

By making use of online file sharing combined with instant messaging or teleconferencing, you can make it easier for your team to work together.

Lead by Example

If you want to establish optimized communications as the norm for your business, start with your own communications. Only send messages with a clear purpose, and make sure you choose the best medium for doing so.

Encourage good communication skills in your employees by taking some time out to talk communications with them.

Set up a meeting or training day, or post some helpful reminders, to help foster a culture that prioritizes good communications.

Last but not least, when you adopt or use a technology such as the Cloud or VoIP, make sure your staff receives full training in how to use it. Instill best practices and encourage correct usage.

Business communications don’t have to be complicated.

By paying attention to your communication tools and practices, you can make your business communications into a powerful tool for an efficient small business.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on a range of topics including social media, SEO that works, and how to optimize your business communications.