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Our guest on this segment is an author, international
speaker, and executive advisor.

With 25 years of C Suite experience,
Jerome is a seasoned authority in
executive performance, organizational culture, and
leadership development.

As a serial CEO, Jerome
has launched and led two not for profit organizations
and two profit businesses.

He is gifted at masterfully writing and speaking with authenticity,
and loves to share both the successes and failures of
his own entrepreneurial journey.

With more than 2600 presentations, he knows how to leverage the power
of story to engage audiences and create
transformative moments.

Jerome is the global authority on Executive
Fatigue, marshaling his more than 25 years of
experience to ensure business owners, executives,
and leaders at every level stay at the top of their
game to create lasting success.

Jerome is the CEO of The Epic AdvantageTM, and
currently serving as the President of the National
Speakers Association New Mexico Chapter.