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Our guest on this segment was born and raised on Long Island, NY and made a drastic change in career when he transitioned from NY police officer to an expert in economics, accounting and tax planning.

Our guest is Craig Cody – The Company is Craig Cody and Company

His firm’s philosophy is to find ways to legally reduce tax liabilities and keep more of what their clients earn in their own pockets.

Each new client, corporate and personal, is given a tax analysis in which they review prior tax returns as well as current financials in order to identify missed opportunities and prior mistakes which resulted in unnecessary tax expenditures.

In addition to tax planning, they offer traditional tax services and off-site CFO services. With Craig Cody’s dedicated and passionate team they are able to provide daily guidance and advice to their business clients.

Craig says, “I still maintain the same type of rush and dedication to saving clients thousands of dollars in tax and seeing the look of delight on their faces.”