Joining us on the line from his office in Chicago to share his insights on raising capital and the systems he has created to help business owners do just that is Timothy Hogan, founder of Commonwealth Capital Advisors. Here are some of the questions guiding our conversation:

1. You spent years in the financial and investment banking world. How did your experience in that space lead to and inform the creation of Financial Architect?

2. What is the biggest challenge facing business startups or growth stage companies in terms of raising capital now?

3. What is the Financial Architect System?-how does it work?

4. What is the ideal user or client for the Financial Architect System?

5. What are some of the newest features contained within the Financial Architect System that you’d like listeners to know about?

6. Tell us about the level of activity you’re seeing with Financial Architect—obviously, this is working well for businesses?

7. Any success stories to share?