Along the way, Scott has taught thousands of students and young professionals his lessons about entrepreneurship sharing his particular brand of expertise around pitching, fundraising, marketing, business development strategies and political and economic issues facing entrepreneurs.

His “Young Entrepreneur“column, one of the most-read young entrepreneur-focused columns on the Internet, is featured on, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Small Business,,,,, and FOX Business.

Here are some of the questions guiding this segment:

1. How did your own entrepreneurial journey begin?
2. You have framed an approach to business building you call “Re-Thinking like an entrepreneur”. What is at the essence of this idea, and how have your successes, failures and experiences as a business owner informed this approach?
3. What’s the advice you find yourself compelled to give College Entrepreneurs most often?
4. You’re 26 years old. What is your experience of the explosion of social media, how do you guide your readers to leverage it?
5. Conversely-what do you see happening to traditional advertising and media in terms of companies that use those approaches? What will the future look like in terms of media mix?
6. What are some myths about social media or common misuses of social media by business owners that you’ve observed?
7. How do you like to approach the subject of brand?
8. With the credit markets not as available as they’ve been in recent past economic cycles, capital is harder to find. How can an entrepreneur build a business without capital…using bootstrapping on a show-string budget?


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