If you want to see sales increase with a few quick changes, there are two things you can check right now.

1. Is there old copy on your website?

Try to take a few minutes to review your website. Check all of the pages for old copyright dates and outdated information. In the process, you’ll probably notice additional updates that need to be made right away.

After all, you want to provide current, fresh information. Otherwise, you may lose new customers…and sales.

2. Is your media list old?

How long has it been since you checked your media-list information? Due to current economic conditions, many media members have moved to different employers or organizations. If you automatically send your press releases and news to an old list, you may be wasting time and money. Be sure you have the right contact information for the right people.

These are some quick changes to make now that can significantly increase sales and publicity. And to start 2010 off the right way, try to set aside time to review your goals and actions. Update your website and media information now, and you’ll avoid problems later on. Plus, you’ll start the New Year off on a good note.