In running a small business, you are essentially the owner and probably a dozen other titles.

With that in mind, where is your marketing game at, specifically when it comes to mobile marketing?

In the event mobile marketing has not been a cornerstone in your small business over the recent years, are you ready to step up to the plate and change that?

If so, you are setting you and your business up for some better times ahead.

That said will your small business make an effort at being mobile in 2017 and beyond?

Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing, there are a number of pluses it can provide your small business.

Start by looking at mobile marketing trends for 2017.

By doing some research, you can see where mobile marketing is headed not only over the next 12 months, but what the forecasts are for the following several years. If you can see mobile marketing having a positive impact on your small business, you are best-served to put it in play.

With the research in tow, see how you can deploy mobile marketing for your brand.

For starters, look around your business to see if you have the proper resources to deploy mobile marketing. If not, will you make the time and effort (including some monetary efforts) to become more mobile.

In some cases, you may be quite qualified to do most if not all of your mobile marketing in-house.

On the other hand, you may end up having to go to others (outsourcing) and have them put together some or all of your mobile marketing initiatives. Either way, the fact that you are participating in mobile marketing on a regular basis is the key.

What is the Competition up to?

Another important component in play with mobile marketing is to know what your most notable competitors are up to?

Among the areas to cover:

  • Do they successfully use mobile marketing on a regular basis?
  • What kind of feedback do they typically receive from consumers?
  • Is their mobile marketing program as secure as it can be, especially in this day and age of cybercrimes?

Even though you simply do not have the time and/or resources to monitor the competition 24/7, having some idea of their efforts and results with mobile marketing can certainly benefit you.

Also look to the importance of properly unveiling your mobile app (if you have not already done so).

One of the dangers companies come across is putting a mobile app out there that is not quite ready for the big state. In doing a mobile app too quickly; companies run the risk of not only looking a tad foolish but also driving customers away. Be sure you test it out thoroughly before putting it out there for all the public to see.

Also keep in mind that once the app is out there, you may very well find occasions where you have to tweak things on occasion. While that is perfectly fine, don’t let issues become the norm. If too many issues crop up, some consumers may be persuaded to go elsewhere for their small business needs, leaving you and your brand empty-handed.

Socialize the Mobile Marketing Experience

Last but certainly not least, you want to put social media to work as much as possible in promoting your mobile efforts. As you will end up seeing, both social media and mobile marketing have more in common than you might have once thought.

Also take note that millions of consumers are on social media daily. In fact, you could say some of them basically live on it.

That said you would be foolish not to have a regular presence on a variety of the top social sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.) In doing so; you open up your brand to countless eyes and ears.

Whether you have been using mobile marketing for a few years or will be just getting your feet wet with it in the New Year, be both mobile and social, giving your brand a one-two punch.

So, where will mobile marketing take your small business these next 12 months?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business and marketing topics on the web.