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Our guest on this segment is a top tax attorney who practiced as a CPA before becoming a tax attorney. Steve Moskowitz has spent 30 years with one goal in mind: to help businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals successfully navigate an incredibly complex tax code, to legally minimize or avoid taxes that will be paid by those less informed.

With three decades of practical and in-depth experience Steve has earned a reputation as a respected authority on a variety of tax, legal and accounting matters and has been quoted by the New York Times and CNN Money.

Steve uses his powerful, in-depth knowledge of tax law to thoughtfully strategize on how to make the tax law work for his clients. He understands firsthand the strength and endurance it takes to run a business, but he also knows that the biggest mistake clients make is giving in to the confusion and overwhelming pressure of trying to solve complex tax issues alone.

Here are some of the areas Steve covered or has expertise in:

–       New Tax Reform Affects Individuals and Businesses

–       Tax Considerations for Victims of California Wildfires and other Casualties and Thefts

–       The Essential List of Tax Benefits Preparation Issues for 2017 and 2018

–       Tax Breaks which are Available for 2017 and 2018 tax Returns

–       IRS and Franchise Tax Board Penalties and how to get them forgiven

–       What to do if you are facing a tax audit

–       Tax Crimes – Celebrities, business owners, and other ‘examples’

–       Tax Policy and Business

–       International tax compliance and tax breaks