In 2008 Randel retired from his investment activities and formed a new media company, RAND Publishing, to create books to help people understand critical financial and personal principles for success-presented in a concise and entertaining format. These books, called The Skinny On Books are receiving enormous nationwide, critical acclaim from educators, reviewers, bloggers and journalists.

1. Did you always want to get into media and publishing?
2. What inspired you to move into consolidating your expertise into the Skinny On Series?
3. (Inspired by the widely celebrated Japanese literary form, Manga)-Tell us about the DESIGN character of the Skinny Series-how are these books different from others?
4. How do you choose the subjects to cover with the Skinny On series books?
5. What do you think “worked” in your book, Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur ? Why did it do so well.
6. Some examples from the series include….

The Skinny on Time Management
The Skinny on Success
The Skinny on Willpower
The Skinny on Direct Sales
The Skinny on Venta Directa
The Skinny on Credit Cards
The Skinny on Real Estate Investing