When writing a press release, it can be easy to use a standard template. But before you send it out, ask yourself if it offers newsworthy information and if people are really going to care about the information you are sharing. Check to see if you are focusing on just the facts or providing valuable and unique benefits for your readers.

In addition, offer interesting quotes in your press releases. For example, try to avoid statements such as “we are excited,” “we are thrilled” or “we are honored” in relation to the news. After all, if you weren’t thrilled, excited or honored with the news, you wouldn’t be issuing a press release in the first place! Instead, try to include quotes that provide new information, a specific opinion, credible statistics, or other, newsworthy information.

When it comes right down to it, people want to read a press release that offers current, unique and interesting information. Does your press release fit the bill?