That’s because there are two kinds of consumers of internet audio: the Lean-forward listener and the Lean-back listener.

The Lean-forward listener is the familiar podcast “consumer”.  This is where most podcasters focus their distribution. Lean-forward listeners know what they want and they pro-actively pursue that content. They subscribe to RSS feeds, they browse iTunes, they download episodes, they choose specific content. They are self-curators. This market is served by the now ubiquitous “podcast” publish-distribution model. There are about 112 million Lean-forward podcast listeners worldwide according to The Infinite Dial – [Edison Research 2017].

The Lean-back listener prefers a more passive experience. They like to press the play button and discover new things. “Set it and forget it” – as they say. They like to be surprised. While have specific subjects of interest, they don’t necessarily take time to actively curate their own content. The same Edison Research indicates that there are 170 million Lean-back internet radio listeners worldwide.

As a podcaster, this idea of a market structurally divided into lean-forward and lean-back listeners unlocked a business model I  recently launched to help podcast content creators like you and I reach the “other side” of the market, those 170 million potential Lean-back listeners.   

I call it the Podcasters Internet Radio Co-Op. With a focus on capturing this Lean-back side of the market, we program the content of multiple podcasters (our Members) into a 24-7 niche-targeted internet radio station playlist. This creates new opportunities for podcasters to grow their audience, promote their podcast and brand, and engage with this huge lean-back listener segment.

For every podcaster who joins as a Member, we feature and promote their best podcast content, old and new randomized rotational play for this market segment that doesn’t yet know about them. Plus – Plus, there’s a Facebook Page for every station we launch, along with a mobile app for the station, facilitating a two-way communication platform for our Members, so essential to engagement.

Currently, we have 2 stations on the air worldwide generating more than 700 hours of listening monthly. You can find the here.

To learn more about how you can join our Podcasters Internet Radio Co-Op and grow your podcast listening audience – follow this link.