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Our guest on this segment has spent most of his life observing how connectedness motivates people to be who they are.

As an entrepreneur he created relationships that empowered two businesses in Saint Louis over a 35 year period; one in residential interior design, and in tandem a custom furniture design business. He opened himself to empower personal and professional relationships through the practices of empathy, compassion, and imaginative solutions to their desires.

Starting in 2003 his spiritual journey has been one of conscious awareness.  This has revealed the human ability to design the interior of their mind, to actually design how they want the mind to create their future growth and prosperity.

Kerry arrived in Indianapolis, via Chicago, the College of Metaphysics and Saint Louis. His vision includes inspiring and leading the Indianapolis community to transform the way they cause excellence in every aspect of their life.  He wants people to experience higher, expanded consciousness.  He knows that knowing the inner Self is where human potential and the power of the Self lies.


Kerry P. Keller

School of Metaphysics