Running a small business requires being always on top of your game and challenging the competition. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of effort, time, and money to pull off successfully.

One of the pitfalls of most brick-and-mortar beauty salons is the inability to embrace technology.

According to this article, more companies working in the beauty industry are stepping up to the plate with new tech toys in tow, all for the sake of enhancing the business. “Beauty companies will start to put technology at the centre of their core strategy, making it an intrinsic part of the product.”

With the existence and increasing popularity of high speed internet, social media and online presence have become an essential part of the marketing plan. On top of this, there are several other ways to use technology in boosting your beauty business to new heights. Here are some of the rising technologies to help your beauty business bloom:

Light therapy

This amazing breakthrough may sound like something out of an astronaut’s logs, and that’s exactly where it all started. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, light therapy technology was revealed by NASA to boost growth of new cells to 200 percent, as well as make healing faster.

One company has developed cosmetic equipment that uses light therapy to minimize wrinkles and make your pore size significantly smaller. Talk about beauty from light years away!

Spa-based apps and software

Salon owners know how difficult it is to maintain a booking calendar, especially if your business is growing. Fortunately, they now have access to many options for spa software, which can help in client booking arrangements, scheduling alerts, and other customer-oriented services.

Applications like this make customer satisfaction easy to accomplish, while at the same time enjoying the fruits of your beauty business.

Mobile apps

Whether it’s an Apple or Android device that your customers are using, there’s a big chance that there’s a beauty app that will not only meet their cosmetic needs but also help your beauty business.

Some salons refer their clients to mobile apps that help them decide on makeup and hairstyles, which they request the salons to do.

The goal in the future, according to an interview in this article, is that “mobile platforms will alter the entire guest experience in a salon environment, from bookings, consultation and all the way to recording all aspects of cuts, styles and color services.”

Google Glass

Although Google’s flagship wearable device didn’t exactly fly off the shelves like it was expected to, some beauty companies have turned to Google Glass to improve their services.

One effective strategy of using Google Glass is to project a makeup artist’s perspective of using cosmetic products on a client. This technique allows you to appreciate how salons do what they do best.

Injectable cosmetic products

Some people may think more ouch than ooh, but injectable fillers are now being developed to tighten skin.

Instead of highly intrusive surgical procedures that take too long to heal, some beauty companies are now using injectable products to promote hydration in the skin. Of course, if you’re scared of getting pricked, then your best solution for hydration is drinking lots of water!

Technology is an effective tool to improve your beauty business.

However, don’t miss out on other fundamental elements – such as customer service, high-quality products and offers, and a well-planned growth ladder – to put your small business to the next level.