Small businesses oftentimes are put at a disadvantage when compared to their bigger brothers and sisters.

For starters, smaller brands typically do not sport the financial capital that the bigger brands do.

Secondly, their marketing and advertising budgets can be limited, limitations that can leave them with less opportunities to attract the millions and millions of consumers searching for goods and services.

Lastly, some small businesses are so small (one person running them), that there simply is not enough time in the day to get the marketing and advertising messages out that one so desperately needs to convey.

That said there is absolutely no reason to give advertising and marketing the shaft, so make sure your brand is doing all it can to be seen and heard.

Advertising Agencies Can Be Your Best Bet

In the event you are in need of getting your advertising message out to the masses, is it time you reached out and sought the help of the best advertising companies on the market?

If so, how will you go about separating the winners from the losers? Most importantly, will you make the correct choice the first time around?

When looking for the right advertising company to tell the world about your brand, remember these tips:

  1. Respect – Finding that advertising company receiving the most respect from other business heads is important. Where do many companies similar in size and mission to your business go for advertising assistance? You want a company willing to not only go that extra mile for you and your brand, but also one having proven itself time and time again. There are many advertising companies on the market, but which one will best wrap itself around your mission? Don’t be afraid to take your time in the selection process, searching for the right company the first time around. Too many small businesses rush the process, ultimately realizing they made a mistake with whom they selected. Get a number of advertising companies together for analysis before you make a final choice;
  2. Results – Face it; you don’t hire anyone (employees, outside companies etc.) without expecting successful results. That said how can you truly tell if an advertising company is the one to best tell your brand’s story? As you sit down and interview each prospective advertising company, have them provide you with successful results they’ve deliver for companies similar in size and scope to your brand. By doing this, you will get a better feel for how they might go about trying to attract an audience for your small business. What will their message be to prospective customers, a message that you either can’t or have not tried to deliver up to this point? Your message will invariably fall on deaf ears if it isn’t properly synchronized with what your small business can offer consumers. Also make sure any company you consider hiring is second to none when it comes to customer service. Always remember that they work for you, not the other way around;
  3. Revenue – Finally, you don’t hire people (employees or other companies you’d outsource work to) without high expectations of sending customer revenue your way. If you’re thinking of inking a deal with an advertising company, take a cautious approach at first. Unlike when pro sports teams sign some athletes to outrageous guaranteed salaries without them ever setting foot on a field or other playing surface, you don’t want to hand a company a large bushel of money until you see some proven results.

Given the fact that many small businesses fail before ever hitting five years in business, it is imperative that you make the right calls on all the important issues.

One such issue is being sure you have the right advertising message going out to consumers.

The question oftentimes becomes, will you be delivering such a message or outsourcing that need?

If you opt for the latter, keep in mind that you are putting your trust in another company, a company that should have years of experience in providing results at a reasonable price.

Before this year is out, ask yourself, will your brand be advertising success?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics on the web.